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Developer blogs FAQs

To report any issues, share an idea, ask us a question, or even pay us a compliment, please use our feedback button to submit your concern directly to our blog team. Please see the bottom section for details on how to use our feedback button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we’ve heard. If you have a different question or we didn’t completely answer one, please share your thoughts through our feedback button.

I have saved/bookmarked the URL to this blog. Will I need to change this?

We have you covered. All your existing MSDN URLs will auto-redirect. However, if a link unintentionally breaks, please report it through our feedback.

What about my RSS feed? Will my feed reader still get all the latest posts?

Your RSS feed will continue to work through your previous set-up. If your RSS feed is broken, please report it with details about which feed reader you use.

How do I find other developer blogs?

The navigation right on top will take you to our various developer blogs. If you don’t find what you are looking for, try the Microsoft Tech Community Blog and Cloud Perspectives Blog.

What happened to all the useful links in the right pane?

These links are now at the very bottom of each page. If you’d like to see particular links, let us know by submitting a suggestion via the feedback button.

How do I follow the team/author?

Please visit the author pages to find their social accounts to follow. For a specific blog or related social accounts, please see the “Follow Us” links at the very bottom of each blog.

Where can I submit feedback?

We would love to hear from you! Please share your feedback by taking this short survey.

How can I manage my data?

To submit a comment you will now need to sign in. After signing in, you will be able to edit or delete your comments from each post. Or you can go to the dashboard to view all your comments on that blog, in one location, from where you can easily edit or delete your comments. You can also edit or delete your profile, which will not impact whatever authentication you used. You can find a detailed description and guidance on our Privacy on DevBlogs page. In addition, you can learn more about our Visual Studio Family Data Subject Requests.

How to Submit Feedback

You’ll notice a bright, blue button on our pages with “Feedback” on it that you can select to either share a suggestion, report a bug, give us a compliment, or ask a question. If you leave us your email address, we’ll try to let you know when we add the question and answer to our FAQ or we will answer you directly. If you cannot submit feedback, please leave comment.


Latest Updates

This is what we recently updated on the blog. Leave a note to tell us what you think, via the feedback button.

  • Read Next recommendations : You will now see read next recommendations below every post, to help you better navigate the blog space.
  • DevBlogs cumulative page : We now have a cumulative page showing a list of latest posts from all blogs on DevBlogs.
  • Improve page load times : When signed in, the UI loaded very slow. We have made some improvements to make this faster, especially when signed in.
  • Modernize Code blocks : Code blocks have been modernized for improved readability.

Known Issues / Suggestions

This is the current list of issues that have been reported from our developer blogs, or a new suggestion. If you don’t see a issue listed below, send us the details through our feedback button.

  • Feeds not refreshing : We have seen a few different issues with feeds not updating in a timely manner and are actively investigating. We hope to have a fix out soon.
  • Mobile layout improvements : In certain scenarios the mobile layout for DevBlogs isn’t the best. The fixes for this are in progress.
  • Email subscriptions : This has a big ask for a while. sorry it took so long, but we are on it right now.
  • Social Sharing : We don’t have social sharing enabled on every post but we are working on this now and hope to have it ready very soon.
  • Dark Theme: There have been requests for a dark theme for the blogs. This is on our backlog and we hope to get to it soon.