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Privacy on DevBlogs

When you sign in to DevBlogs and create an account, you will be able to submit comments, edit your comments, delete comments, edit your profile, or delete your profile.

Submitting, editing, and deleting comments

  1. Submit a comment on that blog from the UI at the end of a blog post.

    Login Image comments

  2. You can Edit your comment (or reply to someone else’s comment) from the UI.

    Image edit Image reply

  3. You can Delete your comment from the UI.

    Image delete

  4. You can Edit or Delete your comments from the profile dashboard. To access your profile, sign in and click your name either in the comments section, or in the top right corner of the browser window. From there, you can edit or delete comments by selecting “All My Comments”.

    Image allmycomments

    Once deleted, your comment text and association to your account is removed and replaced with generic text saying “this comment has been deleted.” This helps anonymize the comment while ensuring the comment UI and other comments in the same thread remain intact.

Editing or deleting your profile

  1. Edit your profile: Go to the profile dashboard.From a blog page, find the top-right drop-down menu and select “Profile”.

    Image profile edit top menu view light theme

    Or from the dashboard, select “Users > Profile”.

    Image profile edit dashboard view

    From the Profile page you can make edits to your profile information.

  2. Delete your profile: At the bottom of the profile editing page (see above for how to reach) you will find a link to delete your profile.

    Image delete my profile

    On click of Delete Profile you will be taken to a screen which gives you an option to delete your account from all blogs on DevBlogs platform or just from a single blog. Please select as needed.

    Image delete my profile settings

    Once confirmed, your information is permanently deleted from all DevBlogs front end and back end and cannot be recovered.

If you would like to learn more details, please read Microsoft’s Privacy Statement. If you require assistance, contact us through the Feedback button on the right.