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Deep insert support in OData Web API

Background In OData Web API 7.7.0, we added support for deep insert. In deep insert, we create an object and its related items or link existing items in a single request. This blog post is a continuation of Bulk Operations Support in OData Web API. In that blog post, we explained how to use ODataAPIHandler and ODataAPIHandlerFactory ...

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Visual Studio's IntelliSense list can now steer GitHub Copilot code completions.

TL:DR GitHub Copilot and Visual Studio’s built-in AI assistance features are now better together. With the latest version of GitHub Copilot, changing your selection in Visual Studio's IntelliSense list steers the GitHub Copilot with additional context about your code, so you can easily explore the single and multi-line code completions to ...

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The evolution of quality assurance and how Azure Test Plans is driving the future of manual testing

The Deming Prize from Japan is the highest honour in Total Quality Management in the world. Japanese products are known for their superior quality, but it wasn’t always the case. In the 1950s fresh out of defeat in the World War 2, Japan was desperately trying to shift manufacturing from military to civilian products for trade. However the ...