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Windows Virtual Desktop now generally available in Azure Government with FedRAMP High

As government agencies respond to the imperative of remote work, we’ve seen an increasing need for solutions that enable teams to work remotely while keeping relevant data within a securely managed environment. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) in Azure commercial has quickly become a market-leading solution for enabling secure remote work. ...

Testing performance of Azure SQL Database as a key-value store

Executive summary Our testing shows that Azure SQL Database can be used as a highly scalable low latency key-value store. Starting with a cost-efficient 4-core General Purpose database, we see an order of magnitude increase in workload throughput as we increase dataset size by 100x and scale across the spectrum of database SKUs to a Business ...

ASP.NET Core OData 8.0 Preview for .NET 5

Recently, OData team released the 8.0.0 preview version of ASP.NET Core OData on It is the first version of OData supporting .NET 5, especially for ASP.NET Core 5. This version includes some breaking changes, such as model builder separation, namespace changes and configuration changes etc. Most importantly, the routing mechanism is...

D3D12 Debug Layer Message Callback

Finally, D3D12 messages that you can easily integrate with your own application logs! The D3D12 InfoQueue Message Callback feature allows developers to capture debug messages, with stack context, providing yet another essential debugging tool for error analysis. To date, D3D12 has had ID3D12InfoQueue API. However, developers always wants there...