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Pen Events on the Surface Duo

The Surface family of devices is known for great touch support, including pen input, and the Microsoft Surface Duo will be no different. By default, pen events are treated the same as a finger touch or mouse move, but you can detect and handle pen input differently, with a wider range of data such as pressure and orientation. Some pens also ha

Announcing .NET 5.0 Preview 3

Today, we're releasing .NET 5.0 Preview 3. It contains a set of new features and performance improvements. We're continuing to work on the bigger features that will define the 5.0 release. The .NET 5.0 Preview 1 post covers what we are planning on building for .NET 5.0. Please take a look at the post and the dotnet/designs repository and share

ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 5 Preview 3

.NET 5 Preview3 is now available and is ready for evaluation! .NET 5 will be a current release. Get started To get started with ASP.NET Core in .NET 5.0 Preview3 install the .NET 5.0 SDK. If you're on Windows using Visual Studio, we recommend installing the latest preview of Visual Studio 2019 16.6. If you're on macOS, we recommend install