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Announcing a single C++ library manager for Linux, macOS and Windows: Vcpkg

At Microsoft, the core of our vision is “Any Developer, Any App, Any Platform” and we are committed to bringing you the most productive development tools and services to build your apps across all platforms. With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce today the availability of vcpkg on Linux and MacOS. This gives you immediate access to...

Spectre diagnostic in Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.7 Preview 4

Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 Preview 4 adds a new capability to our Spectre mitigation: the ability to see where the compiler would have inserted a mitigation and what data led to that action. A new warning, C5045, lets you see what patterns in your code would have caused a mitigation, such as an LFENCE, to be inserted. This change ...
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IntelliSense for Remote Linux Headers

In Visual Studio 2017 15.7 Preview 3 we are introducing IntelliSense for headers on remote Linux connections. This is part of the Linux development with C++ workload that you can choose in the Visual Studio installer. If you are just getting started with the C++ Linux support in Visual Studio you can read our C++ Linux tutorial at aka.ms/...

Announcing CodeLens for C++ Unit Testing

If you are just getting started with unit testing in C++, visit our testing startup guide. C++ developers in Visual Studio can now get their first taste of CodeLens! Specifically, Visual Studio 2017 15.7 Preview 3 Professional and Enterprise editions offer CodeLens for Unit Testing. There are a few ways to initialize CodeLens: ...
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CMake Support in Visual Studio – Targets View, Single File Compilation, and Cache Generation Settings

Visual Studio 2017 15.7 Preview 3 is now available, which includes several improvements to the CMake tools.  The latest preview offers more control than ever over how to visualize, build, and manage your CMake projects. Please download the preview and check out the latest CMake features such as the Targets View, single file compilation, and ...

Spectre mitigation changes in Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.7 Preview 3

With Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 Preview 3 we have two new features to announce with regards to our Spectre mitigations. First, the /Qspectre switch is now supported regardless of the selected optimization level. Second, we have provided Spectre-mitigated implementations of the Microsoft Visual C++ libraries. Complete details are ...
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C++ code analysis: configure rules from the command line

This post written by Sunny Chatterjee and Andrew Pardoe Visual Studio version 15.7 Preview 3 introduces a new MSVC compiler switch, /analyze:ruleset, that configures code analysis runs. The primary motivation for this switch is to enable developers who are using C++ Code Analysis without using MSBuild to filter rules. But developers who are ...
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MSVC now correctly reports __cplusplus

The MSVC compiler’s definition of the __cplusplus predefined macro leaps ahead 20 years in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.7 Preview 3. This macro has stubbornly remained at the value "199711L", indicating (erroneously!) that the compiler conformed to the C++98 Standard. Now that our conformance catch-up work is drawing to a close we’re ...

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