Recording Hardware Performance (PMU) Events with Complete Examples

Performance Monitor Unit (PMU) events are used to measure CPU performance and understand workloads CPU characterization. Windows provides a way to collect PMU events through Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). When combined with other ETW events, we can tell a lot more concrete story about the performance. I recently added “Recording Hardware ...

New Android logcat support available in Microsoft Performance Tools for Linux & Android

We recently added support for parsing Android logcat logs to the OSS Microsoft-Performance-Tools-Linux-Android project. Logcat is a text-based dump of system & app messages on Android. This is what the logcat log would look like when loaded in Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) Logcat for performance Logcat is useful in general, but ...

Perfetto tooling for analyzing Android, Linux, and Chromium browser performance – Microsoft-Performance-Tools-Linux-Android

Introduction In the last blog post, we introduced the cross platform open-source .NET Core Microsoft-Performance-Tools-Linux-Android tooling. Recently, we just released version 1.2 adding Perfetto support, which we will cover here. Perfetto is Google’s open-source tracing ecosystem covering Linux kernel tracing (and user-mode) and ...

SizeBench: a new tool for analyzing Windows binary size

A new tool called SizeBench has been released to the Microsoft Store, which helps with understanding binary size on Windows. This static analysis tool can break down a binary in many ways, and has heuristic analyses to look for likely sources of waste, and this blog post goes on a tour of what the tool can do.

Introducing EcoQoS

EcoQoS is a new Quality of Service (QoS) level introduced to Windows that developers can now opt-in to run their work efficiently, leading to better energy efficiency/increased battery life, reduced fan noise and power/thermal throttling.