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The Visual C++ Linker best practices: Developer Iteration

The time spent in the link phase could be a significant portion of an applications overall build time for most large projects. A user can quickly determine this by adding the '/time' flag to the linker command line. The 'Final: Total time' reports the total time spent in the link phase. There are essentially two primary scenarios to consider ...

The *New Performance Optimization Tool* for Visual C++ applications

Introduction As a part of the VS2013 preview release the 'Performance and Diagnostics Hub' was introduced. The Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) tool is a new performance optimization tool  that integrates with 'Performance and Diagnostic Hub'. The tool is not a part of the out of the box install of Visual Studio 2013 but can be downloaded...
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Visual Studio 2013 Available Now!

We are happy to announce that Visual Studio 2013 is now available. And now—in no particular order—here are the top reasons why C++ developers want Visual Studio 2013:Better C++ language conformance. Support for C++11 began in Visual Studio 2010, which included auto and lambda functions. In Visual Studio 2012, we implemented ...
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