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User Feedback

Hello! My name is Joshua Baxter, and I am a programming writer on the Microsoft team that produces Help content for Visual C++. I am writing this article to explain how Microsoft collects and handles user feedback.   User feedback is an important part of our documentation improvement program. We maintain over 33,000 topics about C++, and ...
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Linker throughput

Hello, my name is Chandler Shen, a developer from the Visual C++ Shanghai team.We have made some changes in the upcoming Visual C++ 2010 release to improve the performance of linker. I would like to first give a brief overview of the linker and how we analyze the bottlenecks of current implementation. Later, I will describe the changes we made...
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Compiler Warning C4789

When Visual Studio 2010 ships, it will have improvements to warning C4789; allowing it to catch more cases of buffer overrun. This blog post will cover what C4789 warns about, and how to resolve the warning.What does C4789 mean? When compiling your source file, you may receive the warning: “warning C4789: destination of memory copy ...
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