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Hilo Update – Introducing “Hilo Annotator”

In May this year, we announced Project Hilo and promised a set of cool sample applications written in C++. At that time we had released the first application in the Hilo series. Since then we have published some articles that walk the reader through all the steps that go into developing the Hilo Browser application (Chapter 1 thru 8 on this ...
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Video Introduction to the STL, Part 3

The third part of my video lecture series introducing the Standard Template Library is now available, following Part 1 and Part 2.  Part 3 covers unique_ptr, shared_ptr, and exception handling (briefly).  It explains my solution to the container erasure problem, and presents a significantly larger homework problem: writing a Nurikabe...
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The Filterator

My name is Ahmed Charles and I currently work on Windows Error Reporting.  I believe that this is the first time that someone not on the VC team has written a blog, but I hope you will find it useful anyways.  I’d like to thank Stephan T. Lavavej for the idea and valuable feedback while writing it.  And we both owe the ...
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