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Customized Warning Levels and Code Analysis for External Headers

If you have tried to keep your code clean by selecting strict compiler warning levels or code analysis rulesets, you likely know how frustrating it can be to see these warnings for headers that are not part of your project. To alleviate this, we’ve made it easy to mark headers as external to your project in the latest preview Visual Studio ...

STL Visualizers on GitHub

We are happy to announce that now it’s possible to contribute to the STL Visualizers for Visual Studio's debugger on GitHub. A visualizer is a file with .natvis extension that allows you to manipulate the way native types appear in the debugger's watch window.  (image) We've been working on fixing existing issues with the ...

Address Sanitizer Now in “Early Release” for Xbox Developers

Address Sanitizer is now available on Xbox, developers can leverage this powerful technology to help debug memory issues in their titles.  Combined with the crash dump changes detailed here, it should provide all the flexibility required to support your automated tests suites and enable you to find issues quickly and easily.

Static Analysis Fixes, Improvements, and Updates in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.10

The C++ static analysis team is committed to making your C++ coding experience as safe as possible. We are adding richer code safety checks and addressing high impact customer feedback bugs posted on the  C++ Developer Community page. Thank you for engaging with us and giving us great feedback on the past releases and early previews leading ...
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<format> in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.10

C++20 adds a new text formatting facility to the standard library, designed primarily to replace and friends with a fast and type safe interface. The standardized library is based on the existing {fmt} library, so users of that library will feel at home. Before diving into how works I want to thank Victor Zverovich, Elnar Dakeshov, Casey ...