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Native Memory Diagnostics in CTP 5

The Visual Studio Memory Usage tool is now selected by default in VS2015 CTP 5.  When you first debug a native app in CTP 5, the Diagnostic Tools window will launch and show both the Memory Usage and CPU Usage tools since they are both checked by default.  For more information on the Diagnostic Tools window and other tools, please ...
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Code Analysis Survey

The Visual C++ team loves surveys, but maybe not for the reasons you think.Surveys are often used to collect data that is sliced, diced, aggregated and munged to provide objective audience insights. We use some of our surveys for this purpose -- how common is the use of some feature, scenario, or inhibition to upgrade to a newer version of ...
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IncrediBuild and the Visual Studio 2015 Preview

As a reader of this blog, you already know that Visual Studio 2015 Preview is available and has been for a few months. Many of you have downloaded the preview and tried out the many new productivity, performance, portability and cross-platform features. We appreciate your feedback (and bug reports)!But what you might not know is that ...
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Targeting Android with the C++ REST SDK

Right before the holidays we put together a new release, version 2.4.0, of the C++ REST SDK. One of the new features added in the library is support for targeting Android using the Visual Studio 2015 cross platform mobile development, as well as the x86 Android emulator. In this post I’m going to walk through showing how to create an ...
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