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C++ AMP Resources

Hopefully by now you have heard of C++ AMP. C++ AMP is a modern C++ library (plus a key new language feature) that ships with Visual Studio 2012 and it lets you take advantage of accelerators, such as the GPU, for compute purposes. Think data parallelism, but at a massive level, accelerated by powerful hardware. If you need more motivation on ...
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C++/CX Part 0 of [n]: An Introduction

Hello; I'm James McNellis, and I've recently joined the Visual C++ team as a libraries developer. My first encounter with the C++/CX language extensions was early last year, while implementing some code generation features for the Visual Studio 2012 XAML designer. I started off by hunting for some example code, and it suffices to say that...
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Connecting C++ and XAML

Hi, I’m Andy Rich, a tester on the C++ frontend compiler and one of the primary testers of the C++/CX language extensions.  If you’re like me, making use of a technology without understanding how it works can be confusing and frustrating.  This blog post will help explain how XAML and C++ work together in the build system...
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Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2012

If you have read Jason Zander’s post earlier today, you know that Visual Studio 2012 has been released to the web! Check out the MSDN Subscriber Download Page  and the Visual Studio product website. This release has brought a huge amount of new value for C++ developers. Here are the highlights:    C++11 Standards ...
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