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An Update to STL/CLR is Complete!

Hello everyone,I am excited to announce that the Visual C++ libraries team has completed another major update of STL/CLR and integrated it with Visual C++ Orcas. Depending on the schedule of internal integrations, you should expect to see this new version of STL/CLR in the February or March CTP for Visual Studio (codename Orcas). We are also ...
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Visual Studio 2005 SP1 released

The Visual C++ team is excited to announce the release of Visual Studio 2005 SP1!!!  The Service pack launched on Friday December 15, 2006 and is available for download here: VS2005SP1   This SP addresses issues that were found through a combination of customers and partner feedback, as well as internal testing. There are over ...
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Vista-style File Dialogs with MFC

Hey all,  I’m Peter-Michael Osera, a Program Manager on the Visual C++ Compiler Front End.  As the VC++ team winds down for the holidays, we’d like to share some of the new features that we’re excited about adding into Orcas.  As for my part, I’ve been helping out the libraries team with their work ...
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Bugs reported on the Connect website – pardon our faux pas

Hello On the Visual C++ team we really value customer feedback and strive to make every interaction between ourselves and our customers as rewarding as possible. Recently we were reading a post on one of our Forums and were concerned to see a customer commenting about not receiving feedback on Visual C++ bugs they had reported on the ...
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Managed Extensions for C++ to C++/CLI conversion tool

As you may already know from previous communications, members of the Visual C++ team have (occasionally) worked on a tool to assist developers who wanted to port their source code from the “Managed Extensions for C++” syntax to the new “C++/CLI” syntax. As mentioned in the earlier post, the intended audience of the tool...
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Converting to MSBuild

Hi, My name is Andreea Isac and I’ve been a member of the Visual C++ Libraries team for one year and a half. Since almost all my team mates (Martyn Lovell, Ale Contenti, George Mileka, Alan Chan) have posted already, I won’t repeat what our team is responsible for! I have been involved for many months in the conversion ...
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