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Template Argument Deduction – Core C++, Part 2

Part 2 of my third video lecture series (covering the C++ Core Language) is now available.  In this part, I took an hour to explore template argument deduction, including what "non-deduced contexts" are - and how they can be used to your advantage!  For reference, here are all of the links to my video lectures, plus my GoingNative ...
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Debugger Type Visualizers for C++ in Visual Studio 2012

 In Visual Studio 2012, one of the new features for C++ developers is the new native type visualization framework (natvis) added to the debugger which allows customizing the way data types are displayed in debugger variable windows (e. g. autos, watch, locals, and data tips). For those who are familiar with the autoexp.dat file that has ...
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Optimizing your binaries with the VC++ compiler for optimum performance (Feedback Requested)

There are several reasons to program in C++, and one of the most important ones is the incredible performance that one can obtain. There are a set of optimizations that the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler offers to perform on your binaries to yield the best performance for your application on varying hardware (for e.g. via compiler switches...
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