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TechEd 2008 – meeting customers at the booth!

Hello, my name is Li Shao. I am a Software Design Engineer in Test in Visual C++ team. From June 3 to June 6, I had the opportunity to attend TechEd 2008 in Orlando along with two colleagues, Marian Luparu and Martha Wieczorek.  Most of my time was spent at the Visual C++ Booth to answer customers’ questions. I also had the ...
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Channel 9 video: STL Iterator Debugging and Secure SCL – Stephan T. Lavavej

HelloStephan has just completed his latest channel 9 video, this one on debugging in our implementation of the STL: https://channel9.msdn.com/shows/Going+Deep/STL-Iterator-Debugging-and-Secure-SCL/. This topic gets a little confusing as we have two technologies available here, namely Iterator Debugging and Iterator Checking – if you are ...
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Interesting Visual C++ Resources

A few weeks ago the Visual C++ team delivered two days of technical content to developers down in Northern California.  At this event, we mentioned a large number of useful resources.  We thought we’d take the opportunity to pass them on to readers of the blog as well.  Hopefully you’ll find them valuable. ...
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Data-driven Visual C++ Editing Test Framework

Hello, I am Smile, a member of the QA team on Visual C++ Compiler Team. I would like to write about the methods we use to verify the intellisense results while editing in the Visual C++ IDE. To better understand this, consider the following common user scenario:Andy opens his project in IDE to continue his work the day before. He opens Client....
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Some C++ Gotchas

Hi - Jonathan Caves again.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen some reports from users that the C++ compiler does not act the way they think it should.  As it turns these reports weren’t real bugs, but the issues brought up are interesting enough to share with a wider audience. The first was from a customer...
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