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It is May – Take Our Survey!

Thank you for your continued support of our surveys -- the response rate continues to be phenomenal! We appreciate the time you spend, the detailed answers you provide, and your willingness to connect 1:1 to help us better understand how you create software. Thank you! We have another survey. This one focuses on the tools you use and their ...
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Real World Cross-Platform Development with Visual Studio 2015: Synergex

The Visual C++ team welcomes opportunities to help partners, customers and the community (future customers) realize the benefits of Visual C++ and Visual Studio 2015. Recently, we have been fortunate to work with Synergex to go beyond debugging Windows code with Visual Studio: Now we’re focusing our efforts on moving our customers and ...
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Bringing Clang to Windows

As you may know, Visual Studio now supports building Android and iOS applications using Clang. We realize the need of our users to write cross-platform apps and we know that C++ offers massive benefits in the cross-platform arena. Clang has made impressive strides in standards conformance and diagnostics and is fast becoming the preferred C++ ...