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vcpkg Documentation Moves to Microsoft Docs Platform

vcpkg Documentation Moves to Microsoft Docs Platform As of today, the vcpkg documentation has a new home at https://learn.microsoft.com/vcpkg. This is the platform that most Microsoft documentation is hosted on and comes with many features that make it easier to search, navigate, author, and review documentation. All current vcpkg articles ...

Standards conformance improvements to /Gw in Visual Studio version 17.5 Preview 2

The /Gw switch enables the linker to optimize global data to reduce binary size. As part of the 17.5 Preview 2 release a new flag, /Zc:checkGwOdr[-], has been added to improve C++ standards conformance when using /Gw. Previously, when using /Gw, certain One Definition Rule (ODR) violations were being ignored and would not cause an error. The ...

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