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Asynchronous Operations in Windows 8 with the Parallel Patterns Library (PPL)

The Concurrency Runtime team is working on the next generation of the Parallel Patterns Library (PPL) that will help you consume asynchronous operations in your apps using a simpler development model than the one Windows 8 has built-in as part of its Windows Runtime.In that sense, they recently published a blog post explaining the rationale ...
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Building Metro Style Apps with C++ and JavaScript

Hi, I’m Raman Sharma, a Program Manager with the Visual C++ team. As seen a few weeks ago at //BUILD, in the next version of Visual Studio you’ll be able to create Metro style app with Javascript. But this doesn't mean that Javascript is the only language you can use. There are several reasons to leverage compiled code as well. ...
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C++11 Features in Visual C++ 11

UPDATE - March 2, 2012: the range-based for-loop and override/final v1.0 have been implemented in VC11 Beta. There's a new C++ Standard and a new version of Visual C++, and it's time to reveal what features from the former we're implementing in the latter!Terminology notes: During its development, the new C++ Standard was (optimistically...
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First Look at the New C++ IDE Productivity Features in Visual Studio 11 (Cont’d…)

Hi! I am Amit Mohindra, a Program Manager on the Visual C++ team. Earlier in the month my colleague Sumit Kumar had talked about some of the exciting IDE features in the next version of Visual Studio. Today I will just add to that list a few more features that we have done in the next version of the IDE to help you be more productive.  ...
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