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Visual Studio Code C++ December 2021 Update: clang-tidy

The latest insiders release of the C++ extension is here, bringing clang-tidy support to VS Code! Clang-tidy is a clang-based C++ linter tool that detects common errors in your code, like style violations and bugs that can be deduced via static analysis. Clang-tidy integration was one of our top asks on GitHub, so we’re excited to announce ...

The /fp:contract flag and changes to FP modes in VS2022

The /fp:contract flag and changes to FP modes in VS2022 In this blog we will cover a new feature we have added to the MSVC version 17.0 compiler in VS2022 that impacts the generation of Floating-Point contractions such as Fused Multiply Add (FMA) instructions. We will cover how FMA contractions are supported in pre-VS2022 MSVC compiler ...

Embedded Software Development in Visual Studio

In this post we will walk you through Visual Studio installation of the embedded workload, how to acquire embedded tool dependencies with vcpkg, then demonstrate edit, build, deploy, and debugging directly in Visual Studio with new peripheral register and RTOS object views. We will demonstrate all of this with an Azure RTOS ThreadX project.

Bootstrap your dev environment with vcpkg artifacts

Updated May 11, 2022: Using your own registry section revised to reflect metadata format changes. We are happy to announce a new experience for acquiring artifacts using vcpkg. We define an artifact as a set of packages required for a working development environment. Examples of relevant packages include compilers, linkers, debuggers, build...

Makefile Tools December 2021 Update: Problem Matchers and Compilation Database Generation

The December 2021 update of the Makefile Tools extension for Visual Studio Code is here, bringing you support for problem matchers (to easily view errors and warnings in the editor), the ability to generate a compile_commands.json file for your project, and a bunch of other enhancements and bug fixes! To find out more about all the ...
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