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How we used C++20 to eliminate an entire class of runtime bugs

C++20 is here and has been supported in MSVC since 16.11, but today's post is not about how you can use it, but rather how we used it to effectively eliminate an entire class of runtime bugs by hoisting a check into compile-time. Let's get right into it! Humble beginnings In compiler design one of the very first things you need is a way to ...

The /fp:contract flag and changes to FP modes in VS2022

The /fp:contract flag and changes to FP modes in VS2022 In this blog we will cover a new feature we have added to the MSVC version 17.0 compiler in VS2022 that impacts the generation of Floating-Point contractions such as Fused Multiply Add (FMA) instructions. We will cover how FMA contractions are supported in pre-VS2022 MSVC compiler ...

Moving a project to C++ named Modules

There is a lot of hype (and perhaps restraint) to using modules in projects. The general blocker tends to be build support, but even with good build support there is a distinct lack of useful resources for practices around moving projects to using named modules (not just header units). In this blog we will take a small project I created, ...

Address Sanitizer Now in “Early Release” for Xbox Developers

Address Sanitizer is now available on Xbox, developers can leverage this powerful technology to help debug memory issues in their titles.  Combined with the crash dump changes detailed here, it should provide all the flexibility required to support your automated tests suites and enable you to find issues quickly and easily.
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