Miya Natsuhara

Software Engineer, Visual C++ Libraries

Miya Natsuhara is a Software Engineer at Microsoft, maintaining Visual C++’s implementation of the C++ Standard library. She joined the team as a Software Engineer in April of 2020 after previously interning on the team working on parallel algorithms in 2018. In her spare time, she is involved in teaching Computer Science at the University of Washington and playing with her corgi, Gumball.

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C++20’s Extensions to Chrono Available in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.10

While the header has been available as part of the STL since C++11, among the changes included in C++20 there were several extensions to chrono including support for calendrical types, time zones, leap seconds, and integration with format. A great deal of innovation and work was required in order to complete these additional features; ...