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Static Analysis Fixes, Improvements, and Updates in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.10

The C++ static analysis team is committed to making your C++ coding experience as safe as possible. We are adding richer code safety checks and addressing high impact customer feedback bugs posted on the  C++ Developer Community page. Thank you for engaging with us and giving us great feedback on the past releases and early previews leading ...
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New Static Analysis Rule for Bounds Checking

We have added a new experimental static analysis rule in Visual Studio 16.10 version Preview 3 - C26458, . The new warning is a more precise and less noisy version of warning C26446, . Both warnings analyse standard containers for unchecked element access and they both share the warning message: “Prefer to use instead of unchecked subscript...

Static Analysis Fixes, Improvements, and Updates in Visual Studio 2019 16.9

MSVC static analysis update for Visual Studio 16.9.

C++ Core Check in Visual Studio

C++ Core Check is Microsoft’s static analysis tool that enforces the rules from the C++ Core Guidelines, which is maintained by the C++ Foundation. This post is to provide a snapshot of the C++ Core Guidelines coverage that C++ Core Check offers. For background, the C++ team introduced C++ Core Check in December 2015 as part of Visual ...

GSL 3.0.0 Release

Update June 4th, 2020 - GSL version 3.1.0 has been released. Please see the latest release page for information regarding GSL 3.1.0. For all future updates, please see refer to the release page on GitHub.   GSL 3.0.0 Release Version 3.0.0 of Microsoft's implementation of the C++ Core Guidelines Support Library (GSL) is now available...

New C++ Core Check Rules

The C++ Core Guidelines Checker receives three new rules with the release of Visual Studio version 16.3 Preview 2. In addition, some warnings published in the warnings.h that ships with Visual Studio have been moved or renamed. Below is a quick summary of these additions. For more detailed information, please see the C++ Core Guidelines ...