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Maximize Unreal Engine Development with the Latest Integrations in Visual Studio 2022

Introduction Since our announcement last month, the team has been working hard on building a new round of Unreal Engine integrations. Today, we are happy to show you the next set of features that can level up your game development productivity. In this article, you will learn about how to stream Unreal Logs, see Unreal Header Tool ...

Unreal Engine Integrations Now Available in Visual Studio 2022

Since the release of Visual Studio 2022, we have been focusing on building a cascade of productivity and performance improvements for game and large project developers. Today, we are happy to share the next set of features specifically aimed towards improving productivity for Unreal Engine development. We have heard and seen a tremendous ...

VS2022 Performance Enhancements: Faster C++ Development

Introduction Building on top of our performance wins in earlier releases of VS2022, we are excited to announce additional improvements in Visual Studio 2022 17.3! Whether you are a game developer, work with large codebases, or have a small C++ project, your C++ development experience in Visual Studio 17.3 will feel even faster! In this ...

Enhancing Game Developer Productivity with Visual Studio 2022

In this blog, we will discuss how much faster you can get to code with speedier C++ IntelliSense ready and opening a file. Learn how search improved with faster with C++ Find All References and indexed Find in Files.

18x Faster IntelliSense for Unreal Engine Projects in Visual Studio 2022

We joined forces with Epic Games to bring faster semantic highlighting and IntelliSense ready to Visual Studio 2022 for Unreal Engine developers. In this blog post, we will detail how we worked with the Unreal Engine team to significantly speed up IntelliSense ready by 18x.

Edit Your C++ Code while Debugging with Hot Reload in Visual Studio 2022

In Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2, we are happy to announce that Hot Reload is now supported for C++. Hot Reload for C++, powered by Edit and Continue, is a new way of editing your code during debugging.

Address Sanitizer Now in “Early Release” for Xbox Developers

Address Sanitizer is now available on Xbox, developers can leverage this powerful technology to help debug memory issues in their titles.  Combined with the crash dump changes detailed here, it should provide all the flexibility required to support your automated tests suites and enable you to find issues quickly and easily.

Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios See 18.2X and 4.95X Link Time Improvements Respectively on Visual Studio 2019

The C++ team at Visual Studio has delivered substantial compile and link time improvements throughout Visual Studio 2019. Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios shares their link time improvement wins.

The Coalition Sees 27.9X Iteration Build Improvement with Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019 v16.8 Preview 3.2 introduces significant build and link time improvements. In this blog post, we detail how the team in The Coalition building Gears 5 tested the compile and link times in three different versions of Visual Studio.

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