Compiler Bugs Fixed In Visual Studio 2012


Visual C++

Following STL Bugs Fixed In Visual Studio 2012, here are similar lists for the compiler front-end (responsible for parsing C++)…

599151Using declaration for a name of a type does not work in MS C++ compilers
603872Support for XML Documentation in native C++ code
611359C++ compiler: Temporary object created when it should not, thus making code that worked in VC9 not work anymore!
611716C++/CLI class static constructor not called in release build
612158Illegal C++ fails to generate C2039 error, allowing buffer overrun
619198[c++] Compiler fails to deduce template parameter.
623481Compiler crash
624283Private copy operator vs __declspec(dllexport)
624378Can I double&& in template
624757Incorrect function template deduction involving pointor to member data
625710Compilation error in case of repeating forward declaration within class
629060Compiler Crash related to System.Core and String^
629262C/C++ Optimizing Compiler has stopped working – System.Core and String^ related
629931Internal compiler error C1001 when compiling OpenCV 2.1/2.2 with C++/CLI 64 bit
632850VC++ 2010 Line Number Wrapping
633274C++ compiler allows use of unspecialized member function template
633782C++ #pragma secion doesn’t allow read,write,execute
634671Bug with operator overloading and nested lambdas
634688Wrong return type when running nested lambda
634966Argument dependent lookup chooses the wrong function inside sizeof statements
636634Unexpected error C2751 reported at ‘using namespace’ directive inside a lambda expression.
640228compiler template declaration/definition mismatch error
640281C++/CLI compiler crashes when attempting to compile event System::EventHandler<>;
641023Inner lambda capture list can’t see variable through auto-capture of outer lambda, thus rendering the name unknown to the inner capture list
641032Lambda’s automagic ctor gets wrong signature (or call) when implicit and explicit capture is mixed.
644190Unexpected error C2871 reported at ‘using namespace’ directive before a lambda expression
649898VC10 STL: std::pair template constructors ignore if elements are implicitly constructable or not
649953Incorrect code generated when returning struct by value and compiling for x86.
650667Incorrect IDE error
651255C++ CLI property overriding and renaming
651762Incorrect deduction when taking the address of an instantiated member function template using a template type
651972Visual C++: Copy Constructor Bug for Base Class with Template Constructor
652743default constructors of __declspec(selecany) variables not called
657040Buggy static_assert
661294Wrong “this” pointer when using templates in C++ and targeting x64 Platform
663659Large arrays with const size can crash at run-time on win64
663884VC10: weird template deduction error with non-type default template argument
663904Compiler fails to compile inner struct/class/union in a namespace after some forward declarations
665425C1001 Error – “virtual” inheritance, member function pointer template and “Enable minimal rebuild”
667226private template operators in C++ treated as public
669549[C++] Temporary strings implicitly constructed take l-value path instead of r-value path
674672Callee disassembly expects address which caller is not providing in x64 mode
674867static_assert failure does not trigger a compilation error
674944C++/CLI compiler gives error C3214 when invoking a class with generic constraint
676125Public Parameterless Constructor Not Found in VC++
679716Bug in VC++ 2010 with global refence to array
681998C++: member rvalue references are initialized with erroneous copies in constructor initializer list
682454Compiler bug – cannot access private member declared in class
682688[C++] Failure to compile functions taking template template arguments of dependent types
682689[C++] No warning when returning r-value-references to locals / temporaries
682695[C++] __alignof() fails to properly evalute alignment of dependent types
684807template template parameters don’t work with unions
684953miscompilation of aggregate initializer with lambdas inside
687344Lambda ICE
687345Local class and lambda
687903VC++ 2010 Compiler Crash when using properties (__declspec(property..) and /doc option
687931cl.exe crashes with a message box compiling some specific code
687935Ambiguous call to overloaded function in c++ when using lambdas
688106Fatal Error C1001
688107C2466 emitted twice for the same construct
688198Invalid error error C2871 when using functions defined within nested namespaced in lambdas.
688443C2143 emitted twice for the same construct
689504C2326 on Lambdas with [this]-Capture
689815std::result_of not working with lambdas
690955C4673 Compiling Exception Hierarchy Using Virtual Multiple Inheritence
693671Compile Error in globally scoped lambda with a for loop
694857Bug in lambda expressions
696310C2027 emitted multiple times compiling deque with an incomplete stored class
696412Compiling local static auto object causes internal compiler error
697006VC++ cannot resolve function overload as template parameter
697086C4430 emitted twice for the same construct
697512Internal compiler error while compiling specific initializer of global object.
698148C4743 warning on explicit call of a templated function
699236Visual C++ does not handle based enums correctly
699543Internal compiler error in CL.exe
703088Cannot call static member functions of template types directly from lambdas in C++.
704352The function pointer types estimated by template are wrong
704955Cannot directly return with decltype
706537compile error C2663 in lambda, if boost 1.48 posix_time.hpp is included.
708011Compiling trivial boost::property_tree test gives fatal error C1001
712925error C2563: mismatch in formal parameter list
712990bad warning using negative value for enum with underlying type specified as signed short
713679Unexpected behaviour of this capture in a lambda expression
714524illegal use of local type in template instantiation
714628Argument Dependent Lookup Failure in Visual C++ 2010
716461const data member triggers dynamic initialization with C++ compiler
717318Incorrect parsing of pointer to array return types in trailing return type template functions
717474Unterminated __asm blocks cause memory exhaustion for compiler
718050Warning C4355: ‘this’ : used in base member initializer list
718578[C++] Reference default argument falsely converted to pointer on instantiation of more than 2 explicit specializations
718621VC++10 crashing on basic BOOST_TYPEOF usage
719083C++ compiler – decltype doesn’t infer the correct return type – vector<int>& instead of vector<int>.
719275Visual C++ compiler won’t accept a function pointer as a templated rvalue reference parameter
720670Failed to compile program using boost::program_options and lambda expression
724314T const & cannot receive char[]
724319decltype can generate references of zero sized array
724362unable to match function definition
724616Absence of conversion operator-function to pointer to function in lambda-expression.
725134Nested lambda expressions can not capture entities of enclosing lambda expressions
725189decltype deduces wrong type
725876Rvalue reference overloading rules
726039error C2914: ‘foo’ : cannot deduce template argument as function argument is ambiguous
727873VC 11 optimizing compiler crash
728349VS11 Beta – fatal error C1001
728741Auto type deduction gets confused for multiple variables
730244Reference capture by inner lambda of by-value captured variable of non-mutable outer lambda causes weird compiler error
730538Out-of-line method definition in template specialization
732063decltype expressions involving polymorphic callable entities fails in VC++11 Beta but works in VC++10
733475Impossible value-initialization with decltype
734023ICE (compiler crash), probably related to try-catch in lambda
734303Lambda-to-function-pointer conversion fails in nested lambdas.
734791/Za (disable extensions) disables template arguments with local linkage, which is a C++11 feature.


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