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WinForms Designer Selection for 32-bit .NET Framework Projects 

(image) Visual Studio 2022’s transition to a 64-bit architecture, driven by customer feedback across the full range of Visual Studio developers, marked a pivotal step towards enhancing the development experience. As Klaus Loffelmann describes in his blog post, this transition enhances overall performance and responsiveness, particularly ...

Working with images just got easier in Visual Studio

Any web, desktop, or mobile developer works with images often. You reference them from C#, HTML, XAML, CSS, C++, TypeScript, and even in code comments. Some images are local, and some exist online or on network shares, while others only exist as base64 encoded strings. We refer to them in numerous ways in code, but always as string values that...

Visual Studio at Microsoft Build 2022

This week we had Microsoft Build 2022 and there were some announcements made in Amanda Silver’s Theme session and multiple breakouts that are exciting for Visual Studio users, like you. We released the .NET Multi-platform App UI (a.k.a. .NET MAUI), announced Microsoft Dev Box, Azure Deployment Environments and Visual Studio on Arm64. With ...

Enhanced in Visual Studio 2019: Search for Objects and Properties in the Watch, Autos, and Locals Windows

Are you inspecting many variables at once in the Locals window? Tired of constantly scrolling through the Watch window to locate the object you are currently interested in? New to Visual Studio 2019, you can now find your variables and their properties faster using the new search feature found in the Watch, Autos, and Locals windows!