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Choosing a .NET Memory Profiler in Visual Studio – part 1

Summary Visual Studio provides two great tools for analyzing and diagnosing memory issues in .NET applications: the Memory Usage profiler and .NET Object Allocation Tracking tool. While both tools are useful, it may not be obvious for new user to know which one to use when. This article aims to clarify what each tool is good for and how to ...

IEnumerable Debugger Visualizer Improvements

In Visual Studio 17.3 Preview 3, we added a few highly requested improvements in IEnumerable visualizer like Filtering, Theming, and CSV export to enhance the visualizer experience further. The .NET IEnumerable debugger visualizer is one of our most loved debugging features in recent times. This was a highly requested feature by developers ...

View .NET collections with the new IEnumerable Debugger Visualizer

While debugging .NET code, inspecting a large and complex collection object can be tedious and difficult. Hence, starting from Visual Studio 17.2. Preview 2, we are introducing a new Visualizer, which will help you view IEnumerable objects such as Arrays, List, etc. in a customized tabular view.  The IEnumerable visualizer will display ...

Debugging External Sources with Visual Studio

Have you ever needed to debug and step into a code of dependent NuGet or .NET libraries that do not build as part of your solution? Today, debugging through them is not so easy as debugging your projects that are part of your solution. Starting with Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3, we are adding a new "External Sources" node in the Solution Explo

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