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Live Unit Testing Preview: Better and Faster

Live Unit Testing is the automatic test running feature in Visual Studio Enterprise. As you make code changes, Live Unit Testing detects what tests are impacted and runs them in the background. This way you always know if the tests covering a certain line of code are passing or failing. You can see what your code coverage is for each line of ...

[Guest Post] Visual Studio for Mac Helps You Write Tests

You’re writing tests for your code, right? No? Just say ‘yes’. It’ll make this blog post go a lot easier. So anyway, I’m happy to hear that you’re writing tests for all your code. Whether you’re following the “test first” / Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach or whether you’re just writing some unit tests or integration ...

Java on Visual Studio Code October Update

Welcome to the October update of Java on Visual Studio Code! This month, we're bringing some new features for code navigation, code actions and refactoring, code snippet along with Java 13 support. There's also improvements in debugger, maven, checkstyle and Test Runner.

Dependency Autocompletion, Performance Improvements and More for Java on Visual Studio Code

Welcome to February update of Java on Visual Studio Code! We'd like to share a few new improvements to further enhance your productivity, including Dependency auto-completion and more Maven updates Performance improvements Standalone file supports Multiple source folders support Easy launch for multi-main-class projects ...