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Suffer from Ctrl+S fatigue? We have a feature for you

The idea of the “Integrated Development Experience” is a tool that brings all the systems a developer needs to develop their application into a single place. Coding, debugging, publishing, profiling… these are all tools that Visual Studio brings to our developers.

Live Unit Testing Preview: Better and Faster

Live Unit Testing is the automatic test running feature in Visual Studio Enterprise. As you make code changes, Live Unit Testing detects what tests are impacted and runs them in the background. This way you always know if the tests covering a certain line of code are passing or failing. You can see what your code coverage is for each line of ...

Happy 25th birthday Visual Studio!

It’s now been 25 years since the first release of Visual Studio in 1997 and such a big milestone deserves a proper celebration. The Visual Studio 25th Anniversary Event kicks off at 9 AM Pacific Time on Thursday, March 17, with exclusive content and exciting reveals all day long. During the online event, you’ll see familiar faces ...

Edge Developer Tools for Visual Studio (Preview)

When developing web apps, it’s common to use the browser developer tools to perform various tasks like; modifying the CSS, inspecting network traffic, etc. Because the browser is disconnected from the IDE, if you make changes to the running application in the browser, you will need to remember and reapply those changes to your code as well. ...