Keep your IntelliCode completions fresh with our GitHub Action for Team Completions

Caty Caldwell

Visual Studio IntelliCode helps by giving contextually-rich code completion suggestions as you type. This allows you to code faster, onboard to new projects sooner, and learn new APIs more quickly.

Although IntelliCode’s base model was trained on over 3000 top open source GitHub repositories, it does not include all the custom types in your codebase. To produce useful, high-fidelity, contextually-rich suggestions, IntelliCode’s model needs to be properly tailored to unique types or domain-specific APIs that aren’t commonly used in open source code.

Last year, we extended our ML model training capabilities beyond our initial GitHub trained base model to enable you to personalize your IntelliCode completions by creating team models trained on your own code.

We heard from our customers that keeping models fresh as you evolve your codebase used to be a tedious manual task. Now with the IntelliCode GitHub Action, teams can share and automate code completions easily!


By configuring your CI workflow to run our new GitHub ActionVisual Studio IntelliCode automates training a Team Completions model to provide in-line completion suggestions based on your own types in C# and C++.

Once configured, you and every developer on your team becomes as familiar with the code as the most senior developer on the project with Team completions up-to-date with your repository’s latest commit.


Set up the GitHub Action as part of your CI workflow!


Configure and Automate

Learn how to configure and automate your CI workflow (i.e. .yml file) to train Team Completions here.

Your build agent (MSBUILD, CMAKE) has the minimum required Visual Studio version installed: For C# repositories: Visual Studio 2017 or higher For C++ repositories: Visual Studio 2019 Update 4 or higher.


Tell us what you think!

We’d love to understand your current experience with IntelliCode and where we can improve.

Try out sharing team completions and automating updates today and tell us what you think of the new experience.

Please raise issues and comments Visual Studio “report a problem”. We’re interested to hear feedback about the recommendations themselves, the performance of the feature, or any capabilities you might be missing.

NOTE: When sending your feedback, if you can, share details of what was detected and what sort of edits you were making; we’ll follow up.

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Happy coding!



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  • dexi lin 0

    Thank you. But how to build the maui?

  • Lennart 0

    We would love to use this, but it’s missing support for TFVC (and we simply can’t migrate a large company-wide repo to Git without a very, very stable migration path).

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