Leslie Richardson

Program Manager, Visual Studio Extensibility

Leslie is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Extensibility team, focusing primarily on improving the overall extensibility experience and feature set.

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Now Introducing Arm64 Support for VS Extensions!

Back in June, we announced Arm64 Visual Studio 2022 application, the first version of Visual Studio that natively supports building and debugging Arm64 apps on Arm-based processors.  Now, we’re excited to announce the extensions you write, and use, are supported in Arm64 VS!   Adding Arm64 support to your new or existing extension...

VisualStudio.Extensibility: A New Way to Write Extensions

Last year, we announced the first phase of a new extensibility model for Visual Studio.  This new model will make extensions easier to write and more reliable along with additional benefits such as being able to install these extensions without restarting the IDE.  Now, we’re excited to announce the second phase of the new extensibility ...

Analysis Services and Reporting Services extensions for Visual Studio 2022 are here!

We’re happy to announce the popular and long-awaited Analysis Services, RDLC Report Designer, and Reporting Services extensions are available for Visual Studio 2022!  Here’s how these Microsoft extensions for SQL Server can further enhance your business intelligence solution development environment. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) ...

VS 2022 Launch Recap: Extensibility

The recent Visual Studio 2022 Launch event was jam-packed with content, and that included updates on extensibility! Check out the VS 2022 Launch videos on extensibility that you may have missed!

How Can We Improve Extensibility in Visual Studio?

We are working on exciting, major updates to how extensions are written and used in Visual Studio, but it’s a long road to completing them.  In the meantime, we’d love your ideas on what we can do in the more immediate future to improve how you use or write extensions.

Where Are My Favorite Extensions in Visual Studio 2022?

Want to continue using your favorite extensions in VS 2022 but aren’t sure where they are? Check out this post to learn how to find them in the Marketplace, outside the Marketplace, or as integrated VS features!

The Future of Visual Studio Extensibility is Here!

Visual Studio 2022 seeks to greatly improve your overall development experience, and we're moving forward with that journey in improving VS extension writing and usage today!  We have several exciting extensibility updates that are either available now or on the horizon, so let's check them out!

Boost your productivity with Productivity Power Tools Extensions in Visual Studio 2022!

Need a set of extensions to help improve your productivity? We’re excited to announce that one of the most popular and anticipated sets of extensions is now available to download for VS 2022 today: Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2022!

The Future of Visual Studio Extensions

As we continue improving Visual Studio and expanding to the cloud, let's talk about our upcoming plans to improve the ways we write and use extensions.

Debugging Async Code: Parallel Stacks for Tasks

Want a visual depiction of how your async code is executing in Visual Studio? Check out the newly updated Parallel Stacks for Tasks window!

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