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The /fp:contract flag and changes to FP modes in VS2022

The /fp:contract flag and changes to FP modes in VS2022 In this blog we will cover a new feature we have added to the MSVC version 17.0 compiler in VS2022 that impacts the generation of Floating-Point contractions such as Fused Multiply Add (FMA) instructions. We will cover how FMA contractions are supported in pre-VS2022 MSVC compiler ...

Visual C++ Code Generation in Visual Studio 2010

Hello, I’m Ten Tzen, a Compiler Architect on the Visual C++ Compiler Code Generation team. Today, I’m going to introduce some noteworthy improvements in Visual Studio 2010.  Faster LTCG Compilation:  LTCG (Link Time Code Generation) allows the compiler to perform better optimizations with information on all modules in the...
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