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IntelliSense Code Linter for C++

Introducing the IntelliSense Code Linter for C++; a preview of "as-you-type" code analysis with fixups. Try it out today in Visual Studio 2019 16.6 Preview 2.

Vcpkg: 2019.07 Update

The 2019.07 update of vcpkg, a tool that helps you manage C and C++ libraries on Windows, Linux, and macOS, is now available. This update is a summary of the new functionality and improvements made to vcpkg over the past month. Last month was the first time we created a vcpkg release (Vcpkg: 2019.06 Update). In this post, we will cover ...

Simplify Your Code With Rocket Science: C++20’s Spaceship Operator

This post is part of a regular series of posts where the C++ product team here at Microsoft and other guests answer questions we have received from customers. The questions can be about anything C++ related: MSVC toolset, the standard language and library, the C++ standards committee, isocpp.org, CppCon, etc. Today's post is by Cameron ...

Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension: May 2019 Update

The May 2019 update of the Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension is now available to C/C++ extension Insiders. This release includes many new features, including Visual Studio Code Remote Development extensions with C/C++, an IntelliSense Configurations settings UI, and IntelliSense improvements.

CUDA 10.1 available now, with support for latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 versions

We are pleased to echo NVIDIA's announcement for CUDA 10.1 today, and are particularly excited about CUDA 10.1's continued compatibility for Visual Studio. CUDA 10.1 will work with RC, RTW and future updates of Visual Studio 2019. To stay committed to our promise for a Pain-free upgrade to any version of Visual Studio 2017 that also carries ...

Shared PCH usage sample in Visual Studio

This post was written by Olga Arkhipova and Xiang Fan Oftentimes, multiple projects in a Visual Studio solution use the same (or very similar) precompiled headers. As pch files are often big and building them takes a significant amount of time, this leads to the popular question: is it possible for several projects to use the same pch file...