Update your Visual Studio Code C/C++ extension now!

Ankit Asthana

Would like to thank all who have tried out the C/C++ extension in Visual Studio Code and have already provided rich feedback on their experiences, filed issues with us. Pairing with the Visual Studio Code 1.0 announcement we are also updating the C/C++ extension today in VSCode with the following improvements based upon the feedback that we have heard so far:

Code Editing
  • There have been multiple fixes made which will now improve the experience for providing the additional, third-party headers in c_cpp_properties.json file for code-navigation experience to operate.
  • The parsing and ready notifications when the C/C++ extension is parsing symbols to provide the code navigation experience have been replaced.
  • Performance tuning for improving code-navigation database.
  • Simplified installation experience for Linux and Mac users. ‘Sudo’ access is no longer required.
  • Debugging for multithreaded code.
  • We are still currently working on testing our debugging experience on other Linux distros (Ubuntu x64 14.04 is officially supported) but you are welcome to try out our experimental offering for other distros which is now enabled with this update.
Update your extension now!

If you already using the C/C++ extension, you can update your extension easily by using the ext update dropdown. This will display any available updates for your currently installed extensions. Simply click the Update Extension button in the lower right for the outdated extension and the update will be installed and you’ll be prompted to restart VS Code.

Wrap up

For more information about the overall VSCode C/C++ experience you can refer to our original blog-post and documentation which has been updated w.r.t. changes. Please help us by continuing to file issues at our Github account and keep trying out this experience and if you would like to shape the future of this extension please join our Cross-Platform C++ Insiders group where you can speak with us directly and help us on this venture.

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