Herb Sutter: “Coding, like Speaking a Language, Implies that You Think in that Language”

Diego Dagum - MSFT

Erik Meijer –host of the “Expert to Expert” series in Channel 9- interviews Herb Sutter -an Architect on the VC++ team and chair of the C++ Standards Committee.

In this thought-provoking talk, Herb and Erik cover generic programming, function objects, lambdas, futures and argument passing by value vs. by reference, among other topics.

This talk is very interesting for those who already know C++ but never thought about the reason why some of its features were designed the way they are. This talk is also useful for those developers coming from managed languages, who are looking to native development for its uncontested leadership in power and performance (especially for immersive applications).

We are featuring the 1-hour length chat in this same post for those who have Silverlight installed. You may eventually visit Channel 9 to find other formats (including HTML5 or MP4).


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