C++11 Conformance Survey


Visual C++

Vikas Bhatia 

Hello, My name is Vikas Bhatia and I am a Program Manager in the Visual C++ team. We are conducting a survey to see the relative urgency of C++11 features to you, the developer.

C++11 conformance is important to us. We intend to implement the C++11 language features. We are evaluating the order with which to implement these features. We use C++ too and we know several features we think are more urgent. But instead of relying only on that, we want to check with you and let you vote on which features you think are more urgent for your needs to make sure we are in fact doing the ones most urgently needed by our customers. 

Watch Herb Sutter’s keynote at Going Native (available 24 hours after live session) where we discuss key C++11 features.

Please help us out by filling the survey link here: http://bit.ly/mscpp11



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