Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 CTP 2 Available

Eric Battalio

You can grab the download here.

If you do not want to click through to the release notes, there are two technology improvements:

  • Visual Studio now scans or rescans a solution and then updates the database much more quickly for large solutions. Therefore, the browsing process should be much more responsive, and you should experience fewer situations in which you are blocked when you perform browsing operations (such as Go To Definition) on large solutions.
  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 CTP 2 enables you to collect and analyze GPU usage data for Windows applications by using the Performance and Diagnostics hub. This tool can help you determine whether CPU or GPU is the performance bottleneck of the application. You can also inspect timing data of each individual GPU event if supported graphics cards are present and the latest drivers are installed.

And a handful of notable fixed issues:

  • When you define an operator incorrectly, the compiler may crash.
  • When you define a static const variable in the header and then declare it in the source, the linker will treat the symbol as multiply defined incorrectly.
  • When you define a conversion operator for an undefined type, the compiler may crash.
  • Explicitly instantiating a variadic function template can cause an internal compiler error.
  • The compiler incorrectly allows for the explicit trivial constructor to be private.
  • Using nested templates can cause internal compiler errors.
  • Error C2951 can cause a subsequent internal compiler error.
  • Designated initializers may not initialize unions within structs.
  • The use of default function parameters can cause internal compiler errors.
  • Wrong arguments may be passed when you use nested uniform initialization.
  • Initializer lists can cause internal compiler errors.
  • Error C4530 can cause a subsequent internal compiler error.

Visit the Visual Studio blog for other goodies in the CTP.

As always, we look forward to your feedback. Share feature suggestions on UserVoice, log bugs you find on our Connect site and send us a smile or frown from inside the IDE. We review all of the feedback we receive!



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