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VCBuild vs. C++ MSBuild on the Command Line

In Visual Studio 2010, the command line tool vcbuild.exe will be replaced by msbuild.exe. The executable change does mean switches will change, too.  To help make the migration easier, I have created this table as a quick guide to the new switches and highlight some differences between the tools.  The table below isn’t a ...
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Channel 9 Video: Bogdan Mihalcea: The New VC++ Project/Build system – MSBuild for C++

Bogdan Mihalcea is a developer on the Visual C++ team. During the development of Visual Studio 2010 he has been feverously working on converting our build system to target MS Build as the build infrastructure for  Visual C++ 2010 Solutions/Projects. There are many reasons motivating this changeover. For awhile now having to deal with two ...
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