Real World Cross-Platform Development with Visual Studio 2015: Synergex

Eric Battalio

The Visual C++ team welcomes opportunities to help partners, customers and the community (future customers) realize the benefits of Visual C++ and Visual Studio 2015. Recently, we have been fortunate to work with Synergex to go beyond debugging Windows code with Visual Studio:

Now we’re focusing our efforts on moving our customers and our own development to Visual Studio 2015. Initially, we ran into problems with the Linux-built unmanaged runtime, which would not work with the new, faster Microsoft Android emulator. To work around this, we created a shared project for our runtime and added the Android components, which enabled us to build them directly under Visual Studio 2015, rather than Linux. The Clang compiler distributed with Visual Studio 2015 exposed problems in our source base that Clang for iOS and GCC failed to uncover (but given the importance of alignment on ARM, we were surprised at the lack of alignment warnings reported by default on Windows). We hope to use this approach to build our iOS components as well, and then for all Windows Store and Phone components once the Windows 10 SDK is available. Check out the article and be sure to share your feedback through the usual channels including the comments below. We definitely have a few issues to work out and improvements to make, so please let us know what you think. Are you interested in migrating to Visual Studio 2015 with the assistance of the Visual C++ team as part of a Virtual DevLab, drop me a line, We are looking for a few teams to participate in the next few weeks.


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