Managed Extensions for C++ to C++/CLI conversion tool

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As you may already know from previous communications, members of the Visual C++ team have (occasionally) worked on a tool to assist developers who wanted to port their source code from the “Managed Extensions for C++” syntax to the new “C++/CLI” syntax. As mentioned in the earlier post, the intended audience of the tool is “those who wish for help in automating the migration of their V1 code to the new language design”. To set expectations correctly, the tool was going to be a “help” rather than a complete solution and in the push to complete other projects the tool was never fully completed, tested or documented. We are happy to release the tool “as is” as a few initial tests with external users have shown that they received benefits from using the tool even if: 1) it does not provide complete translation between the two different syntaxes and 2) manual modify of the outputted source code is still required to complete the conversion. The tool does come with source code so that users who wish to modify or extend the functionality to better suit their code bases can. The tool is totally unsupported by Microsoft. The tool is available at the Microsoft Download Center.

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