Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the .NET product Group (Microsoft Corp in Redmond, Seattle). Focus on Machine Learning .NET (ML.NET), .NET Core, Microservices based architecture, Docker Containers, Azure services. Check out http://dot.net/Architecture and https://github.com/dotnet/machinelearning-samples

WCF-LOB-Adapters & Microsoft Dynamics products!!!
I was digging into this new WCF-Adapters-SDK several weeks ago, and now, I am very interested in it because it could be a really powerful development platform for publishing Microsoft Dynamics products data (AX, NAV and CRM) to external applications or just for remote ‘Presentation Application Layers’.  WCF LOB (Line of Business Appli
What I am going to post about…
So!!, What am I going to post about?. Well, since I am going to work quite focused on "Dynamics (CRM, NAV & AX) as a Development platform", I am going to post about it. Especially talking about technical information and technical solutions. What do I mean with "Dynamics (CRM, NAV & AX) as a Development platform", well, I mean
My 3rd day after joining Microsoft!!
So far, this is my first day after joining Microsoft!! I've decided to create my own blog inside MSDN Blogs, so I'll stop blogging into my old blog which is: http://ctorre.spaces.live.com/  It's a spanish blog, ok?. ;-). I'll keep it just for archive. So!, I'm gonna try to post about technology news, every nice technical step I give,