The future of Silverlight! See SILVERLIGHT FIRESTARTER on Dec. 2nd!!

Cesar De la Torre


There was quite a lot of buzz after PDC talking about HTML5 vs. Silverlight and wondering what will be Silverlight’s future.

Well, here we have it. There’s gonna be a single event just for that, to have it clear. I strongly believe that Silverlight is here to stay. It is much more powerful than HTML5 (from UX design and also from a development point of view) and even though HTML5 will be great for ‘reach’, I mean ‘anything in the Internet’ in any device, talking about LOB apps (Line Of Business Apps), RIA apps and even Windows Apps (Silverlight Out of Browser), Silverlight is the best choice. It is not just for Windows Phone 7 apps. This is what I currently think. It is based on the information I have but in any case, it is my personal opinion.

So, as I said, It you wanna know Microsoft’s official position regarding Silverlight’s future, attend or just see thorught the Internet the upcoming event called “SILVERLIGHT FIRESTARTER” on Dec. 2nd 2010. It’ll be great to have all this stuff clear to anybody, roadmaps, etc. 🙂

Get info about SILVERLIGHT FIRESTARTER, right here:


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