New Application Architecture Guide (v.2.0) from Microsoft Patterns & Practices!!

Cesar De la Torre

Cool!, just a few days ago (Thu Sep 25 2008) Microsoft P&P have published a neat ‘Application Architecture Guide’ (v.2.0). It is great because “it is new”, so it covers most of the new Microsoft dev technologies and application/architecture types we’re dealing with, nowadays. 🙂

Even though P&P have published just “the begining”, in January 2009 they will have it finished. That’s why it is right now in ““, it will be evolving during several weeks..

This is the map about what it covers:


Here’s a basic diagram representing the Conceptual Framework:

Architecture styles covered by P&P App Arch. Guide v.2.0:


Application Types (Archetypes):

The guide describes canonical application archetypes to illustrate common application types. Each archetype is described in terms of the target scenarios, technologies, patterns and infrastructure it contains. Each archetype is mapped to the canonical app frame:

– Mobile Application Archetype
– Rich Client Application Archetype
– Rich Internet Application Archetype (RIA)
– Services Application Archetype
– Web Application Archetype

Architecture Frame

More over, it covers a lot of horizontal aspects we have to take into account in every application (called Architecture Frame):

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Caching and State
  • Communication
  • Composition
  • Concurrency and Transactions
  • Configuration Management
  • Coupling and Cohesion
  • Data Access
  • Exception Management
  • Logging and Instrumentation
  • User Experience
  • Validation
  • Workflow

Take a look at the enormous list of all the guidelines it offers about “Key Engineering Decisions”, “Key Issues” and “Guidelines”:

Here is the root of the web-site for “New Application Architecture Guide (v.2.0) from Microsoft Patterns & Practices”: 

Let’s see how it evolves in CODEPLEX until January 2009. 🙂

Simply great!



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