Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the Azure team.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM vertical templates

Microsoft has released two Microsoft Dynamics CRM vertical templates; 'Manufacturing' and 'Municipal Goverment'.   These templates include data models, user interfaces, user roles and workflows that showcase how Microsoft Dynamics CRM is relevant to customers in these industries.    Microsoft field marketing and partner ...
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CRM 4.0 (Titan) Server-Side programming: Creating custom ASPX pages and consuming Titan’s Web-Services

I'm doing several Titan labs (CRM 4.0 labs), so I'm going to write a posting about what I'm doing. It is always interesting archiving this kind of 'HOW TOs'.  So!, I'm gonna create a plain new custom ASPX page (using Visual Studio 2005) where we're going to allow updates to several custom entities I've got. The business purpose for ...

Tips and news about building custom Workflows in CRM 4.0 ‘Titan’

In TechReady5 (Seattle, July 2007), I attended a nice session about building workflows in CRM-Titan (next v4). Here I post several tips & news: Titan hosts Windows Workflow Foundation but in a different way than SharePoint 2007. Asynchronous Host- Multitenant / stateless- Scalable- Reliable- WF (Windows Workflow Foundation)- Extensibility ...
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