Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the Azure team.

Our Architect Forum XXII: S+S and Microsoft Azure platform – Madrid, Dec.4th 2008

Next December 4th 2008 we're gonna run in Madrid, Spain, a special event (Architect Forum XXII: S+S and Microsoft Azure services platform). Azure platform and Windows Azure is the new Microsoft S+S platform (for apps. development), a big bet for 'computing in the cloud'. If you are a Software Architect, and you are interested and want to ...

PPTs about our Workshop ‘Fitting the Entity Framework in N-Tier & N-Layer Architectures’

Last October 13th we delivered a Workshop about EF and N-Tier & N-Layer Apps. We had a great feed-back about it. :-) You can get the Presentations from this URL within my SkyDrive: http://cid-c537c2af47f728a0.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Msft%20Dpe%20Spain%20Architects%20Events/2008%20-%20Workshop%20Entity%20Framework%20in%20N-Tier%20%...
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My Book: SOA Architecture with Microsoft technologies

Just to point out that I have just published a book written 50% with a friend of mine, Roberto Gonzalez, from Renacimiento (he is MVP in Biztalk). César de la Torre (Architect Evangelist - Microsoft) Roberto González (MVP Biztalk) Editorial Krasis Press ISBN: 978-84-935489-7-1 Take into account it is written in ...
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Microsoft Azure Services Platform

I just wanted to sum up what the Microsoft Azure platform is. But before that, just to highlight that the Azure Services Platform is currently a CTP, kind of a very early 'BETA,' available only as a limited Community Technology Preview (CTP) to attendees at the PDC 2008 (Professional Developers Conference). In the near future, it will also be...
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