Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the Azure team.

SQL SERVER 2008 Sample Databases

  This is a useful post because SQL Server 2008 has just been released a few days ago, and we will have tons of labs and samples, most of them based on Microsoft sample databases like the new version of Northwind sample database, so, we’ve got this neat place in CODEPLEX where we can download different sample database versions. http://...

New version – Zachman Enterprise Framework 2.0

The Zachman Framework is a grid of artefacts used to describe an enterprise architecture. Zachman does not require the whole grid filled. Nor is it necessary for only one artefact to correspond to each hook. It is therefore a fairly messy key holder. Nevertheless it is pretty handy. It prompts the architects to think about what is needed in a ...

I changed my role within Microsoft to Architect Evangelist

So!, so a few days ago I changed my role within Microsoft. I'm no longer "Dynamics ISV Evangelist" but now my role is "Architect Evangelist". I really like this change because Software Architecture is my passion and I do have experience in this area because that's what I was doing "in the field" before joining ...
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