Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the Azure team.

Microsoft Platform Day – Developing LOB apps with Microsoft Platform (Milan June 13th, Madrid June 21st & Mexico city June 28th)

We are delivering the Microsoft Platform Day, “Developing LOB (Line Of Business) apps with the Microsoft Platform”, in Milan (Italy) on June 13th, Madrid (Spain) June 21st & Mexico city (Mexico) June 28th. Here I post a few pictures and also the URL to the presentations: Presentations: http://sdrv.ms/LX5FlN   (image)  ...
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Creating several Entity Diagrams within a single Model in EF 5.0 and Visual Studio 2012

This feature is killer and it’s been waited for long time by any developer or company who use EF visual models with a lot of entities. Think about a model where you have hundreds of entities.., opening a single diagram with 200 entities doesn’t make sense and it is too slow and kind of unmanageable. Now, with EF 5.0 and Visual Studio ...
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Coloring Entities with EF 5.0 RC and VS.2012 RC

In Visual Studio 2012 RC (the Release Candidate was released last week on May 31st 2012) and Entity Framework 5.0 RC, the Entity Designer surface of EF MODEL/DATABASE FIRST, now supports entity shape coloring. This is really nice to differentiate categories, like when you have several AGGREGATES within your MODEL, etc. Here is a sneak peak of ...