Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the Azure team.

Don’t like EF 4.1 ‘Data Annotations’ for DDD Architectures implementation –’Fluent API’ fits better for that!

I write this post in order to get some feedback regarding what I currently think about EF 4.1 Data Annotations and how it fits in DDD Architectural styles. About DDD Architectural styles, here it is our Architecture Guide (Though we are actually writing its second edition, adding EF 4.1 Code-First approach). But most DDD Architectural ...

Just Published the English version of our ‘DDD N-Layered .NET 4.0 Architecture Guide’ book and Sample-App at CODEPLEX

(image) (image) [UPDATED - April 2017] - IMPORTANT:  For up-to-date architecture and development guidance using .NET (i.e. .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Docker containers, etc.) including Domain-Driven Design patterns, microservices architectures and other .NET related technologies like Xamarin for mobile apps check this landing page pointing ...
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