We completed the IASA-DDD Conference! (November 7th 2011)

Cesar De la Torre

It was a remarkable DDD (Domain Driven Design) event in Madrid, Spain. We got around 150 attendees!!, and taking into account that this is the inaugural event from the IASA-Spain association, and this association was almost unknown in Spain, until now, it is something I must highlight. Of course, having the keynotes delivered by Eric Evans and Udi Dahan was fundamental for achieving that.

Most attendees gave such a good feedback about the sessions and specifically about the IASA-Spain initiative because we were talking about Architecture, Design, DDD, patterns, etc., no matter what technology you work with. In fact, there were sessions and attendees used to work on .NET platform but also sessions and people used to work on Java platform. Even the sponsors were companies very heterogeneous, like: Microsoft & Oracle, or Microsoft partners, and JavaHispano.com, etc. That is good for open debates about design and architecture and also for technology interoperability and especially to learn from each other experiences.

Here I post some data and pictures about the Conference.

There were registered attendees from all around Spain:


And even from all around the world!:


Eric Evans, Udi Dahan and me, handling the ‘Questions and Answers’ session (Q&A):


Eric Evans starting his great DDD Keynote:


Udi Dahan while speaking during his great CQRS keynote:


A view of the attendees, with Diego Vega (Entity Framework Product Group Program Manager in Microsoft Corp) taking notes on his laptop. There are many other familiar faces from companies like Wolters-Kluver, Panda-Security, Telefónica I+D, Repsol, MRW, Plain-Concepts, Sogeti, Indra, Fujitsu, Unisys, Kriter, Microsoft Iberica (Consulting Services, Premier Support and DPE), NTR, Avanade, Pasiona, Aventia-Renacimiento, Raona, and a long etc. with many more companies. There were also many people from the Java community, as well:


Diego Vega & Unai Zorrilla during our Session regarding Architecture Patterns and .NET, with special focus on Entity Framework 4.1 Code-First which facilitates the implementation of patterns like POCO Domain Entities, Repository pattern, UoW pattern, and allows to comply with principles like ‘Persistence Ignorant’, etc.:


Alfredo Casado during his session about ‘Implementing DDD Patterns on Java Platform’, using Hibernate and Spring.


Enrique Martin Casado, from Oracle, while speaking during his session (Approach about implementing CQRS based on Oracle Service Bus and Oracle Coherence Cache):


Interview to Udi Dahan, Eric Evans and Diego Vega, for the Dnm Magazine (technical magazine):



CQRS WORKSHOP, by Udi Dahan (Next day, on November 8th 2011). This Workshop (a full day with Udi Dahan) got about 22 attendees:



Final picture (the day after the Workshops, Nov. 8th) with some speakers and several collaborators. Starting from the right: Diego Vega (Program Manager from the Entity Framework Product Group, Microsoft Corp), Eric Evans, Udi Dahan, Javier Calvarro (Microsoft Developer), Myself (César de la Torre, Microsoft), Unai Zorrilla (Plain Concepts) and Pierre Millet (Microsoft Consulting Services).


Tomorrow (Nov. 10th) we’ll deliver the last WORKSHOP, a DDD WORKSHOP by Eric Evans. I’ll probably update this post with some info about tomorrow.

It’s been a great experience, and I really appreciate Eric Evans, Udi Dahan and Diego Vega coming to Madrid and helping us to deliver such a great event-sessions and Workshops.We really enjoyed all this week with them and all the attendees, of course!.

You can download the presentations from here:



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