Cesar de la Torre

Principal Program Manager at the Azure team.

Entity Framework Code First DbContext and SQL Azure Connection Fault Handling

(image)   (image) I’ve been working migrating an App to Windows Azure and SQL Azure. This app is using Entity Framework 4.3 Code First and DbContext. One important point is related to the SQL Azure Conection Fault Handling. If you don’t know about this topic, you can read this explanatory info: http://social.technet.microsoft...

Domain Driven Design (DDD) & Visual Studio 11 Beta ALM, great fit!

  Domain Driven Design (DDD) is especially suitable for creating long-term LOB Apps, but usually, DDD is presented as a very patterns & architecture related subject (topics like Bounded-Contexts, Domain-Models, patterns like Repository, Aggregate, Value-Object, etc.), like we actually did in our ‘DDD Patterns Guidance with .NET...
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